Tom & Emile....Vests

Dear reader, I confess I was make some play on the word "vest" such as "vest friends" or "vesty interesting."  Lucky for you, I resisted!  The two gentlemen seemed too well dressed for such silliness, anyway.  Tom, on the left, has been featured on my humble blog before.  Emile, on the right, is one of the best-dressed fellows in town, but I have never had the good fortune to include him here.  Why, you might ask.
Well, I wonder if he has an aversion to fashion anthropologists.  Above, you see how it's gone with an earlier photo.  (Surprisingly, I found the "diabolical" eyebrow even more intimidating than the Hong Kong Phooey hands.)  As I reconsider, perhaps he was joking. He does seem to have a playful sense of humor, and I am rather hard of hearing, as I've proven before. At any rate, I'm most appreciative and do hope I'll find him amenable to future attempts at documenting his natty wardrobe!


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