Debbie....Five Points

Perhaps you know this dazzling woman as a local business owner....or as Columbia's Mardi Gras queen. I was delighted to find her outside one of her shops on Valentine's Day, wearing this wonderful dress. She'd just purchased it in New York, she told me, thinking it would be the perfect thing to wear to the What's Love show, which was set for later that night.
Indeed, I did see her wearing it a few hours later at that very show, which was a charming evening of burlesque.  I must say, I will never look at passementerie in quite the same way again.


April said…
That was a great show last night! I couldn't believe how big the crowd was! Did you go... upstaaaairs? :)
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear April,
I DID go upstairs, where I saw the most adorable woman in a peep show! And while she was missing an item or two of clothing, I loved what there was of her outfit. It was such great fun that I almost expected Fanny Brice to take the stage.

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