Plaid & Stripes.....S.C. State Museum

When I saw the striking gentleman at a distance, backlit by the cold grey from those windows, I confess my first look was for his cheery striped bag.
But as he drew closer, I realized he was wearing a delightful Saturday ensemble of cozy plaid shirt, trim dark denim trousers, and a wonderful pair of charcoal shoes.

We were both shopping at the South Carolina State Museum's garage sale, where I happened across a few treasures.  I love the look of this building, and it's history. As you may know, it was once a textile mill--the world's first totally electric textile mill--opened in 1894 to make duck cloth.  And there I stood, 119 years later, admiring the space on a day fit for a duck!

Another notion that strikes me as I type: We are all very grateful for a spot of cheery colour on rainy days. My sincere thanks if you happen to be someone who is bringing a splash of vividness to counter the gloom.


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