Curious Hat....St. Andrews Road

Ah, the fantasy of a New England summer....where the combination of a sweater and short trousers, so frequently depicted in magazines and catalogs, might make sense.  In our fair city, I did find a place where one dares to wear a sweater without fear of sweltering, a new-ish store with a tremendous freezer in which you can stroll around.  This young lady was reveling in the chance to sport her cheery jumper on a hot July day. And she'd found a hat, albeit not one particularly well-suited for afternoon thunderstorms.
If you're looking for a place to wear your J.Crew-like sweater-and-shorts ensemble, you'll find that house-sized freezer at Chef's Store on St. Andrews Road, just off I-26.  Do send a photo if you dress up and visit it! (And if you forget your sweater, they kindly provide coats for you to borrow.)


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