Page....Camp Free Times

I encountered this adorable lass last night at a summer camp of sorts--a theme party hosted by Free Times to celebrate its Best of Columbia issue.  Page most assuredly won my vote for best dress.
Here's a closeup of the pattern.  The darling young woman told me the dress was a find at Hip Wa Zee.  Her braids she may have acquired at the party, which offered a hair braiding station as well as other camp-like activities such as macrame.
Above you see another of the activities, "campfire" songs.  It was a charming evening full of nostalgia and humor. Alas...had I only hair upon my own head for braiding.  Perhaps I should have crafted a macrame pony tail.


pagechilton said…
thanks for the mention, LM. it was great meeting you!
Lord Maxwell said…
Darling Page,
The pleasure was all mine!

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