Shirley....Imeldific Updo

Stylish Tracie Broom and I happened to bump into one another at the Soda City Market, and not long after our congenial collision, bumped into this fascinating woman. Shirley told us she was heading to a gala of the Filipino American Association later in the evening, and for the occasion had requested an Imelda Marcos updo.

 Here's another look at Shirley's hair....and below, a photo of Marcos with her signature hairstyle.

For better or worse, the shoe-amassing Marcos continues to be a touchstone for over-the-top fashion and has even inspired the term "imeldific," which means to be extravagant and to have no problem flaunting that. I, for one, liked Shirley's imeldific hair--and hope she had a grand time at her gala!


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