Tracie....701 Whaley

When I expressed my admiration for Tracie's wonderful denim coat, she said I had to see the lining. Great linings, I find, are a bit like superhero underwear; perhaps few will ever see, but they give you secret powers. Of late, I've noticed a number of charming linings in my jaunts around town....a red leather jacket draped over a chair at The Gourmet Shop revealing a pink silk lining...and a rustling rust-coloured fabric lining beneath a blue pleated skirt. (A woman insisted on showing me that lining while she was wearing the skirt. My work does have distinct benefits!)

But back to Tracie's well-lined denim coat, which featured other charming details--classic 1970s pockets and stitching...

And a marvelous label inside. "Corte Ingles" means English cut and I wondered if there might be a connection between the label and the Spanish department store El Corte Ingles.
Certainly this label and the store's logo bear no resemblance. Perhaps you may be able to provide an answer. At any rate, Tracie said she found the coat at Painted Bird, a vintage shop in San Francisco that specializes in clothes from the 1970s and 80s.


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