Josh & Max....Lady Street

Dear reader, I have folded to the demands of my friends at last--and purchased one of those telephones for your eye, or the mePhone, or whatever one calls it. I was trying to place a simple call today and inadvertently snapped this photo (much to the delight of my pal Millicent, who thinks the young man looks a bit like JFK Jr.).

Josh is, in fact, a wine entrepreneur, the founder of Spanish Vines, and he is a handsome fellow--and quite the good sport. I'm afraid my phone photo doesn't do him or his ensemble justice. (His shirt, for example, is a charming light blue check, but you can't make that out at all.) Perhaps one day I will master this contraption. His friend, Max, may be the shaggiest shaggy dog I've ever seen--simply amazing, that coat!


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