Natalie....Devine Street

My dear pal Millicent insisted that I accompany her to attend a shoe sale at Kicks on Devine Street. (She'd read about a pair of bargain cowboy boots on The Shop Tart and suddenly fancied herself a senior citizen version of Gwyneth Paltrow in that county music movie, if one can imagine that!)

At any rate, our outing gave me the opportunity to meet lovely Natalie, in the photo above. I thought she looked so smart in her coat, sweater and boots with the flourish of a glittering heart necklace. Her boots, she told me, she'd purchased at Kicks the day before at a fabulous price. She liked them so well that she'd returned to buy another pair in a different colour. I always find that sort of enthusiasm delightful, don't you?


Anonymous said…
She does look fab...did she tell you where she got the rest of her outfit? I love that coat and the boots are perfect! Looks like I need to pay a visit to Kick's!
Lord Maxwell said…
Thank you so much for inquiring! The jeans she got from Delibel, a boutique in The Vista. The coat is a lovely fit, isn't it? Natalie said she bought it from Ann Taylor a couple of years ago.

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