Buttons & Tresses....CAE & BOS

I was waiting to nab my valise from the carousel at Columbia Metropolitan Airport last evening when I glimpsed this attractive woman and her magnificent buttons.
Here's a bit of a better look. I was particularly taken by the buttons' size, perhaps because I'd been in below freezing Boston for the last three days, struggling to button my coat while wearing mittens.  I'd made a note to myself to get better gloves.  Perhaps I just need larger buttons.
While in Boston, I happened across my old friend May (a recurring coincidence, this business of bumping into her, one which defies scientific explanation).  Not only was she well-dressed for the weather, but she had just had her hair transformed into a do she said was inspired by That '70s Show, in a place called Drybar (not to be confused with Carrie Nation).  I looked into having my hair dried there, but the polite staff gently suggested that wispy hair+a balding pate=little need for their services. (Can you tell I spent most of this trip with a group of MIT brainiacs? I was researching the history of the pocket protector, but that's a story for another day....)


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