Tasty Tomato Judge....701 Whaley

Having never before attended the judging of a tomato contest, I wondered what these arbiters of good taste might wear.  Bibs?  Protective overalls?  One of those unappetizing silver cups on a chain you see at wine tastings in French caves? Thankfully, I discovered that the judges were well-dressed--and in particular, I fancied this intriguing one-shouldered frock with a peacock feather embroidered across the back.  My young companion tugged at my sleeve and told me I should see the front of the dress.  I walked around the tomato table and indeed....
...the lovely lady was sporting more feathers, along with a serious demeanor, well-suited to her role as judge, no? Judging took place last night, with the winners to be announced Sunday at the Palmetto Tasty Tomato Festival.


April said…
I LOVE that dress. Anyone know where it's from?
Lord Maxwell said…
April, dear--
I am searching for an answer to your question! Thank you for inquiring.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear April--
I met a young woman in a similar dress just this past week. She told me she found hers at Mod Cloth. The style of the dress is different, but the embroidery is the same.

Here's where to find it: http://www.modcloth.com/shop/dresses/birds-eye-view-dress

Still looking for an exact match for you!


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