Colourful Threads....Plaza on Main

I was drawn to the plaza in front of the Columbia Museum of Art by a strange sight--trees wearing leg warmers.  Or perhaps I should call them limb warmers.  Or trunk warmers.  Fortunately, the charming artist Leslie Pierce (below, center) was on hand to explain: a yarn bombing was underway.  (Lucky for me, I was wearing a crocheted flak jacket!)
 Leslie was talking to, among others, a woman with a most intriguing style. You see a side view of her on the right, above.  Of course, I introduced myself--and was able to get Patti to pose for a photo.
I adored her glasses, the long sweater, and the touches of red, literally from head to toe! Marvelous!
I was also rather taken by what the trees were wearing and enjoyed watching this woman stitch a sweater dress of sorts onto one of the trunks.
And here's another one, using large doilies...not granny squares, exactly. Perhaps we shall call them granny rounds.  Do go by and take a look! Though I know virtually nothing about knitted grafitti,  I do believe you will be enchanted by the cozy jumpers you see on these trees.


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