Neon Gear....Columbia Airport Runway

"You'll be like Cary Grant in North by Northwest," my friend Millicent said when I told her I was thinking of participating in a 5K on the Columbia Airport runway. Having never seen the film, I assumed this meant I should put on a snazzy suit and run to catch a flight with a beautiful woman. It sounded like a fine plan.  But when I arrived in my tweeds and tie, I realized my attire for Saturday morning's race was all wrong.  It seems vivid colours and stretchy fabrics were the order of the day.  I was delighted by the neon arm warmers I saw on some women..... well as the amusing array of socks.  As a reader has explained to me earlier, these are not "depression" socks nor are they "expression" socks.  In fact, some runners seeking an edge are quite serious about this sort of legwear.
Though I was a tad too overdressed to race, I stuck around and bumped into my darling bud May, who was--as usual--perfectly attired.  And as she demonstrated with the blazing pace of her run, fitness is always in style.  Circling back to the Cary Grant connection, those of you who know the film may be amused to learn that I was able to outrun an incoming US Airways flight, despite my age and leather-soled footwear.  It seems that adrenaline is the ultimate performance enhancing drug.


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