Pilots & Twinkies....Dallas

Pilots, while always nice-looking in their uniforms, rarely attract my notice because they all look more or less the same. This pilot, however, did spark my curiosity with his rolling bag.....
...because the de rigueur black accessory was sporting some unexpected stickers.  Alas, the airport train arrived and whisked him away before I could ask about them.

On a side note: my trip to Dallas to document the history of hairnets worn by Hostess bakers was thwarted when the business shut down its ovens. While others bemoan the loss of the Twinkie, I will miss most their chocolate cupcakes with the iconic white swirl. Above, you see a 1930s bathing suit that captures the essence of everything, design-wise, that I admired.

Hairnets, by the way, have a fascinating history and can be traced as far back as ancient Greece, giving them a shelf life to rival that of the Twinkie.


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