Vision in Pink....Devine Street

I do hope my darling bud May won't be peeved with me for posting this photograph. She had just crossed the finish line at the Get In the Pink race this morning on Devine Street when I took it.  She looked adorable in her shades of pink, including the rosy glow on her cheeks.  Bravo to the young people getting their morning exercise.  Had I not been sipping a mimosa, I might have been overwhelmed by the urge to pursue fitness myself.

As for the knee socks on the chap behind her, I understand those are not merely decorative but have some sort of fitness purpose. Indeed, a runner of my acquaintance told me they were depression socks, or possibly repression socks, though that doesn't seem quite right and as we know, my hearing cannot be trusted. I welcome any data you might add!


April said…
The weather was great this morning for running! Not that I was running either! Like you, I was sipping a beverage, haha! Those are compression socks. I'll let this link explain it:
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear April,

Thank you so much for commenting on May--and for directing me to that fascinating website! I read a number of articles, which I counted in my fitness journal as "exercise" for Saturday.

As for the socks, I am now thinking of them as Spanx for the calves, or as we might have called them in my youth, leg girdles. At my next masters fun run, I may sport them...along with the battle cry "gird your shins!"

Do hope we meet before June.

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