Chad....Devine Street

As soon as I walked into Salty's Board Shop, I noticed Chad's cheery gingham shirt--and complimented the handsome fellow on his selection right away.  He responded by saying that several people had told him he looked like a picnic. Is there a higher compliment, indeed?
I had gone to Salty's in search of a pair of TOMs sunglasses. In the same way that they donate a pair of shoes for every pair you purchase, TOMs is also providing eyeglasses for people in need whenever you purchase their sunglasses.  I considered a pair of aviators (which I dare say looked rather handsome on me) but with Chad's help, settled on the blue wayfarers you see below.
And for those of you who find it strange that a chap of my advanced years is shopping in a board shop, consider this: Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys will be 69 on June 20 of this year.


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