Nathalie....All-Local Farmers' Market

 The gorgeous woman seated next to me at the market on Saturday grabbed my arm and whispered, "oh my".  For a fleeting moment, I thought that I, despite my advanced years, might have somehow inspired her reaction. But no, it was stylish Nathalie who caused her gasp of awe. Not only was the pretty young woman wearing this romantic red and black ensemble but....
...she was also sporting this fish bag, a rather realistic version of something one might see while snorkeling with Salma Hayek at Yal Ku Lagoon in Quintana Roo, for example.  Gasp-worthy, indeed. After I snapped my photo, we toasted Nathalie with a bit of bubbly. I do enjoy grabbing a seat on the market veranda. If you have not yet tried it, do.


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