Kenneth....Here & There

For quite some months now, I've spotted this fellow and admired his sartorial flair. I've even tried to take photos of him without attracting his attention.....
  ...the one above, for example, a fuzzy thing I snapped at Runaway Runway several weeks ago. I'm afraid it doesn't do his marvelous Western-style shirt justice.  At the Columbia Museum of Art gala, it was my good fortune to meet him at last.  It turns out the gentleman is an anthropologist and professor at the university.  Furthermore, Ken was familiar with my work! What a thrill, indeed.  (An aside, thus the parentheses: I am beginning to suspect that we anthropologists may be the best dressed of the academic lot.  Is this a case of damning with faint praise? Hmm.)
The lighting was not the best, but I did at last take an honest photo of him.  And I met his fascinating, alluring wife Cecile, who very nearly made me swoon.  Alas, just days after I made their acquaintance, they left the country.  I assure you, it is not because of me. They are on some sort of research and writing sabbatical. I do look forward to their return--or even perhaps looking them up abroad!


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