Pipes & Drums....701 Whaley

I happen to be one of those annoying chaps who tries to find the sunny side in nearly every situation.  Sunday, I took a tumble on my bicycle, had to be stitched and bandaged, and have spent the week propped up on the sofa with Old Fashioneds absolutely forbidden by my (lovely, albeit stern) physician.  So where is the sunny side in all of this, you might wonder....
I've had plenty of opportunity to click through old photos (using my one unscathed finger) and found these shots, which I'd snapped last week and promptly forgotten. At the time, I was overjoyed to discover these gentlemen in matching kilts and socks, preparing to launch into a tune.
They were performing outside a gala for the South Carolina Arts Commission.  I was shopping the farmers' market next door, so it was a bit of good fortune that I happened across them the first time. Had I not learned the meaning of "face plant" on Sunday (dear reader, I was shocked to learn it is not a species of flora) I might not have happened across them again, a sunny turn of events indeed.


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