Mysterious Patterns....Riverfront Park

Not since we discovered a series of miniature "crop circles" in Aunt Agatha's rose garden in Cornwall one summer have I been so haunted by recurring pattern.  I happened across a large mosaic bird feeder a couple of weeks ago.  Then, Friday evening at Riverfront Park, I spied the gentleman on the right wearing this rather mosaic, magical outfit.  I was afraid to approach him for a photo, lest it offend his magical sensibilities, so tried to capture his essence as I walked by.  As you can see, the chap on the left caught me in flagrante.
As I neared the river, I discovered that another mosaic bird feeder was in the works. Could there be a connection between the gentleman's garb and this rangoli?  The rangoli, I know, was part of Art on the Trail, which was a charming event complete with installations, film, music and refreshments.  I dare say the gentleman in the magical ensemble was also art on the trail, whether he intended it or not!


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