Pattern & Layers....SOCO

Delighted to encounter this chap and his daring sport coat last evening. I do admire a man who mixes it up!  We were both attending a little social gathering at a place called SOCO, where I understand you can indulge in some co-working.  I, naturally, thought that this meant we'd all pitch in and work together on my various projects.  Rather, it means you can drop in and have temporary office space, drink the coffee, and use the wifi.

After getting all that straight, my companions and I then began a lively discussion of what exactly constitutes a "sport coat."  Here's one opinion.  I'd love to hear yours.


April said…
You should see his steak hat.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear April,
Indeed, I should. How does one arrange such a delight?
mut said…
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This appears to be the chap who is known for sharing mix tape cassette music from a boombox on his houlder around the USC campus. I think he may be on Facebook as Boombox Guy JJ.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Angi,
I am thrilled to think I may have inadvertently photographed a celebrity. And after a-googling, I see you are correct!

Thank you so much!

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