Spring or Winter?....The Vista

I gaze out my library window and wonder if the poor dogwood attempting to bloom is as perplexed by this weather as I am.  That thought brought me to this photo, of a woman who seems to have a sound approach to our daft weather, wearing a pretty floral dress with cozy tights and ankle boots.  Indeed, on this particular evening, I saw quite a few women pairing booties with dresses.  Only after I'd  arrived home and settled in did I realize that the particular young lady above is also this darling young woman

Meanwhile, I'm put in mind of that line of verse, "April is the cruellest month," which I always took to mean that April was a horrible, wanton tease.  March, I must say, is seeming despicable...rather like an investment scam....getting up one's hopes, then utterly leaving the eager believer out in the cold.  Were I not a gentleman, I might pull on some ankle boots and kick March in the shins.  There, I feel better just for saying it. 


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