Jazz....Hunter Gatherer

Indeed, jazz remains timeless--and cool, no matter how high the temperature may be out of doors on any night. I dropped by Hunter-Gatherer last week and was promptly invited to join a table full of attractive, intelligent women. My luck can be rather good, I must say.
I could not prevent myself from talking shop, try though I might. Amanda was wearing an intriguing striped top--horizontal stripes on top, vertical on bottom--and had cinched it with a wide brown leather belt. She picked up the top, she told me, on a recent jaunt to Manhattan.
I was so keen to know what these two were laughing about that I very nearly missed out on a delight a little closer to home; it seems a darling young woman, a fellow Brit I've featured on this blog before, was seated right at my elbow.  And at the table behind me, there were women in the most marvelous dresses.  Had I not been intimidated by their beauty and style, I would have insisted they stand and pose for photos. But alas....I had only the courage to snap my fingers and try to gin up a bit of hepcat aura about myself.


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