Lucas....Main Street

Since I'm having a lazing-around-in-my-heliotrope-pyjamas sort of Sunday, I rather liked the idea of adding this image of Lucas to my blog. Lucas was strolling up and down Main Street in this striking ensemble, and he appeared to be enjoying himself immensely. But then, as I've noted here previously, the young man has a distinct style. Bravo!
I caught up with Lucas at the Tapp's Building, where I also photographed these bonnets. Yes, you read that correctly. These are bonnets like the ones worn by Laura Ingalls and Holly Hobbie--if Ms. Hobbie wanted to give off the appearance of having her brains devoured by an alien, I suppose.  The eyeballs are not lamps, but some kind of reflectors; the glow is my camera's flash bouncing back at me. I'd love to have one of these for Easter, wouldn't you?


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