Pa!ge....Tapp's Building

I was chatting with an intriguing chap, a charming and brilliant linguist from the university, when we both noticed the young woman in this floor-length dress. I was drawn to the floral pattern and the cut of the shoulders. He was mesmerized by her hair.  With his encouragement, I ventured forth to learn more.
Pa!ge (yes, that is how she spells it) was fascinating.  She was fending off the evening's Easy-Bake-Oven-like heat with a richly-hued fan. She'd procured this particular fan from World Market, she told me, for about $5.  A fan enthusiast (would that be a fan fan?), she likes to go to clubs to dance and finds a fan indispensable on those occasions.  The authentic 1970s frock was purchased at Hip Wa Zee in Five Points.


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