Malia & Tegan....State Street

Ah, how I delight in the young people and their joie de vivre. These two indulged me with lively conversation over a glass of white wine from Spanish Vines. Malia, on left, had found her little black dress at His House. I was so taken by their tales of 21st century dating via the internet that I completely forgot to ask Tegan about her colourful dress--though I did like it very much. I suspect the dress's origins might be exotic, worthy of an adventure-seeker; Tegan told me she is Peace Corps bound!


Malia said…
tegan's dress is from tj maxx.
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Malia--
Thank you for that information! Do hope I see you again soon.
Malia said…
Same to you! I'm so glad you wrote this!

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