On the Street....Colombia

Yes, dear reader, you are seeing the "o" used twice--and intentionally. I journeyed from our Columbia to Bogota, Colombia, to undertake some research. While there, I explored Colombian street style--to see if a second "o" made for significant differences. The answer? Yes and no. Above, you see a rather unusual Colombian accessory in the city's historic plaza.  Juan Valdez would be pleased. You will not find a handbag that can carry quite so much as this llama, though the handbag does hang more nicely on the back of a chair, one supposes.
Meanwhile, this woman making fresh potato crisps at her pushcart could, in her parka and sneakers, fit in here in South Carolina--on a winter's day, of course.
I spotted this fellow outside the Botero museum. I was mesmerized by the interplay of patterns you see above...in the alternating rocks and tiles...and if you will zoom in.....
....also between the gentleman's cap and shirt.  Marvelous!  As were the Botero paintings....
....which always make me feel as though I owe it to myself to enjoy a good meal. Muchos gracias, Senorita Lisa, for I enjoyed my dinner and my companion at Abasto.
I admired this restaurant's facade and not just because I was hungry. It's located in the charming neighborhood of Usaquen. That's where I also met a charming Bogota native who had, for a while, lived in our very own Columbia, S.C.
Adriana works as a translator, speaks English and Spanish brilliantly, and was dressed in the typical professional fashion for women of the city--where the weather is autumn-like every day of the year and the preferred handbag is a satchel worn across the body.


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