Katie....Beltline Boulevard

I was dining with three charming friends when we noted this young woman sporting a bold pattern. I asked if I might take a photo. K-K-K-Katie flashed me a joyous grin and said, "oh yes." Lest she think me a cornball, I assured her I was not about to break into song. It seems I have developed a weather-induced c-c-c-case of nonstop ch-ch-chattering teeth. I admired the way she dressed up warm layers and boots with this lively topper. She found it, she told me, at Wish. "I liked that I could wear it in all seasons, and it was colourful," she said. And I say, "In-d-d-d-deed!"


Katie Ellen said…
It was great meeting you! I also have a blog! Check it out at queenofconsignment.blogspot.com!
Lord Maxwell said…
And a great blog it is! Thanks for directing me to it. My pleasure to meet you and your beautiful friend last evening.

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