Barbara, Ashleigh, Harriet....At the Polls

Perhaps you have heard of "The Man Without a Country"? I feared my friend Millicent was about to become the citizen without a poll. I arrived mid-morning to escort her to the traditional polling place, the fire station on Devine Street, where dear Milli has voted for the last 13 years. Alas, her name was not on the list. A call revealed that Millicent had been reassigned to Ward 33. I watched my pal blink back the tears: she has a fondness for firemen, and I knew she'd take the change badly.

But, as so many plot twists do, this one leads to a happy ending. Millicent was welcomed warmly at her new polling destination (Martin Luther King Park) by both workers and voters --including these lovely ladies you see above. And I may have stumbled onto an election day trend: vivid colours and ruffles. Do let me know if you see more of the same!


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