John....Lincoln & Gervais

Yes, I know: I should have been paying attention to traffic as I scurried across Gervais Street during Thursday's luncheon rush. But instead, I was hauling out my camera, determined to capture a photograph of this intriguing gentleman. Was he a Texas tycoon, in town perhaps to drill for hydrogen in the Innovista?

No, it turns out that John lives here in Columbia and works a block or so away. The hat is just for fun, he says, something he usually wears on Fridays: "It's like a toy." His female co-worker had tried to persuade him not to don it with his seersucker jacket. I, for one, am glad he did not heed her advice.


The Shop Tart said…
He looks like Larry Hagman! I miss Dallas - wish they would remake it.
Lord Maxwell said…
I agree dear, the return of Dallas would be splendid...if for no other reason, simply to see what the Ewing ladies are wearing in 2010.

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