A Country Egg Hunt....Easter

It seemed sensible enough: if one cares to hunt for eggs, one should go into the countryside. After all, that is where the chickens reside, no? I marveled aloud at the breed that could produce such colourful eggs. My lovely host Mary Ruth whispered, "I hate to disappoint you Max, but those eggs are plastic." Chickens that produce plastic eggs! Disappointed? Indeed, I was dazzled by the science of it all. What shall they think of next?
Mary Ruth was bridging the seasons as you see above, her wide-brimmed hat shielding her from the brilliant sunlight while her wrap kept the early morning chill at bay. Her lovely granddaughter was dashing about, no doubt in search of the goose that laid the plastic egg....
...and though sporting the same color palette as her grandmother, albeit tie-dyed, she was considerably more camera shy.


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