Dick, Britt....River Wear

I was just leaving the excellent State Museum when I happened across a group of people leaving for a river expedition. I've always been intrigued by the gear of outdoor adventurers, which strikes me as part utilitarian, part sheer eccentricity.

Britt's shorts seemed more of the strolling than paddling variety, which I rather liked. He told me that he was wearing his "Guatemala hat" (not to be confused with the Panama).

Here's another shot of it, brim down. I left these gents and wandered down to the Canal Park, where I encountered them again. They made an amusing contrast to the young ladies on the bridge....

...who appeared to be gathering in their fancy party dresses for a photograph.

The ladies, I heard them say, were wearing their pram dresses. I do enjoy eccentric river wear, so please understand: I am not criticizing, only pondering. Are these not rather fancy togs for rowing about in a dinghy?


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