Aaron....Woodrow Street

This gentleman's ensemble--so whimsical, so cheery--seemed perfectly matched to the lovely spring day. I'm not sure which I fancied more, the shirt (rather reminiscent of some wallpaper my dear Aunt Dahlia once fancied) or the plaid plimsolls (for as I've mentioned, I own a pair myself).

As we chatted, I apologized for my shaky camera skills. The young man told me he owns a camera store (and no doubt, was appalled by my piddling point and shoot). Then I wondered aloud: could this be the young man who ran for mayor? He told me he was. Splendid!


girlfacedana said…
oh! man Aaron is awesome!
Lord Maxwell said…
Indeed, his style is a marvel to behold. It was pleasure to meet the young man at last!

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