Faith....Devine Street

This young lady turned every head in the gallery when she appeared wearing a beret, black lace, and gold-metal-studded shoes. Her flair for style caused me to pause: had I seen her before? Indeed I had, looking equally smashing but decidedly different. Faith's beautiful mother Barbie, an artist, was accompanying her.  Barbie told me her daughter is often the subject of her paintings--and mum encourages daughter to express herself in her clothes.  


Anonymous said…
Lord Maxwell. Sir, It was both an honor and a pleasure to be within your company at the Krajewski art show last evening. I hope our paths cross again someday soon. Enjoy your stay in this beautiful fall weather with a light mist on this carolina morn. Princess Les
Lord Maxwell said…
Dear Princess,
The honor was mine, entirely. Best of all, I still have your fine photograph to add to my blog!
Lord M.

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