Lisa Marie....Portland

I was walking out of my hotel in Portland, Oregon, when I encountered this gorgeous lass in the most wonderful print dress. "Forgive me for being so forward," I said, "but if you are any indication, then the women of Portland are quite stylish." She laughed. "Thank you sir," she said, "but I'm from North Carolina."

Ah, I cooed, practically a next door neighbour. I learned that we not only had the Carolinas in common but professional interests as well. Lisa Marie is a fashion consultant who shops for individuals and styles magazine shoots. Her website is She'd found this dress, she told me, at Anthropologie.

As for Portland, what brings me here? If you did happen to wonder, I am flattered by your curiosity! I am participating in a debate hosted by the International Society of Polar Fleece Gatherers. It seems some would argue that recycling plastic bottles into pullovers will make the sheep obsolete. To which I say, Manchego cheese--but I should stop, lest I give my case away. Wish me luck!


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